Maxie Milieu

Maxie Milieu is a burlesque and modern dancer, filmmaker, and theoretical tease. A Seattle based performer, Maxie’s performances include Whedonesque Burlesque, JoyStick!, Disney After Dark, The Best Burlesque Pageant Ever, That’s Fucked Up 5! and Gone Wild! A Savage Romp through the Animal Kingdom. Maxie also co-created, directed, and performed in An Evening at Merlotte’s: Burlesque inspired by True Blood. Expanding on her performances around Seattle, this April, Maxie performed in the first ever Nerdlesque Fest in New York.

Whether she is performing as an inanimate object, a well known pop culture icon, or a ferocious cheetah, Maxie’s kinesthetic sensibilities pull her into character and allow her to dominate the stage.