siren_globeAre we strippers? Well…ahem…most of the gals I know in the BQ world would take you in the back alley and rough you up if you regarded her precious art form as merely a two minute wipe down of her tush against a steel pole.  No we are not strippers. We are TEASERS and what do teasers do?  Well they sure as hell do not show you their chocolate starfish, magic muffin nor will you ever see a nipple on a BQ stage {unless of course an epic fail of pasty glue occurs}

We have routines that will make you hot and bothered but we are not going to give up the goods so easily nor will we ever sit on your lap. Our routines will make you laugh till your sides split if this is our cause. We guarantee you will beg for more. In the magical world of Burlesque everything is possible and you don’t even have to close your eyes to dream it. We are here to delight and entertain you and all that we ask? Scream. Hoot, holler, whistle and yell for more! We only get bashful when the audience is silent.

If you have never seen a Burlesque show {most men} don’t confuse us with showgirls or something you think you have seen in Vegas. Oh no darling, we are our own special breed of gals and we actually like ourselves enough to eat a brownie and live to tell about it. We ingest glitter for sport and can hot glue a thousand rhinestones to our brassieres while watching Ru Paul, not get burnt nor look down. We are very special that way.

Most of us will do this for the sheer entertainment of pleasing ourselves and you are the lucky ones to witness our own private party of frolic. We invite you…please come, we will entertain you and when we walk away from you? Oooohhhhh you will sit in your seat and wish us to come back.

Please show the love and support in the City of Everett and we just might stay a while and play with your senses…Siren and the Treasured Chests…enough said.