The Other Pink

top-corset-bag“The Other Pink”…… now exactly what is that you ask? Well as some of you may know, I have a darling little pink yogurt and gift parlor in down town Everett called LooBelles. It is filled to the brim of wonderment, sweet treats and gifts for little girls and the little girl inside of us grown-up girls. LooBelles contains all G-rated items of interest for the notable innocence of youth.

However this page is dedicated to “The Other Pink” and what you find on this page will be presented at our Burlesque venues.  These items are for the gal or fellow who likes to dabble in the naughty side of entertainment, and enjoys pink delights that may fall into the rated R category.  We have pasties, mini corset bags, buttons, jewelry, fascinators and lick able treats for that person who needs a bit more in their mouth…

We accept all major credit cards and cash and are happy to take larger orders for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, special events or private functions.  We are able to tailor custom your order as well with prior notice.  Sales will be prior/post show and at intermission.  If you are viewing this from the web and cannot make a show time, arrangements can be made to have items at my shop for pick-up or mailed with postage/handling and prepayment.

Enjoy my bevy of gifts from “The Other Pink” store.


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