Ava Raqs

Glamorous and graceful, Ava is a popular performer.  Since starting dance classes at 5 years old she has studied and performed ballet, jazz, modern, dance/drill team, Irish dancing, ballroom, belly dance, hula, and samba.  Ava is a passionate and lifelong dancer who entertains and awes audiences with her old-Hollywood style and technical skill.

Specializing in modern Egyptian style belly dance and belly dance fusion style Ava can perform with veil, sword, Isis wings, and feather fans.

Ava’s passionate performance and technical expertise have taken her a long way.  Ava competed in the Belly Dance USA competition in 2009 and won several awards including:  3rd place Duets category with Najla, 1st place Audience Choice in the Hobbyist category, and 3rd place in the Alternative Music category.  Ava took her wins and the judges’ notes and came back a stronger dancer and bolder performer.

Ava has been chosen by the Can Can Kitchen and Cabaret as a guest performer, danced with amazing Middle Eastern musicians George Sadak, The MB Orchestra, and the Nassim Band at multiple venues.  In 2012 Ava was chosen to dance with the world famous musician Thomas Dolby at his concert in Seattle.  Ava is also a member of the award winning belly dance and cabaret troupe The Fleurs D’Egypte Dance Company.