Cherry Tart

Miss Cherry Tart is a delightfully delicious, devilishly sweet Seattle femme who entertains and challenges “-isms” with fierce fashion designs, tawdry tales, dandy drag kinging, and glitterific burlesque.  She believes in the beauty of community building thru art as activism and spreading a queer body-positive message with spoken word and quirky stage performances.  When she’s not crafting fat-positive fashions through her label ‘Notorious curves’, she’s off cultivating sultry stories of debauchery or dreaming up the next bigger-, gayer-, more glitter infused way get naked on stage.

Miss Cherry Tart is sparkly femmecee, performer, and producer for ‘You Are Loved! A Big Gay Cabaret’ a highly successful 2 night benefit for queer youth at Meander’s Kitchen.  She teaches burlesque and drag costume creation at conferences including The Femme Conference, NoLose, and BurlyCon.  Cherry is a regular performer at Debauchery! Tantalizing Tease for Queers of All Genders!  Debauchery is: queers stripping for queers in hot, anti-oppressive space, raising money for organizations that serve the queer community.  Her drag king alter-ego ‘Glitterace’, the lost love child of Freddy Mercury and Liberace, is a dandy man with a penchant for power ballads, sassy sparlky things, and a dash of swishy grandure.

And check out her essay in ‘Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion’ fat-positive anthology.