Diva le Déviant

Diva le Déviant, “Seattle’s Bitch in Charge”, is a principal performer with Sinner Saint Burlesque. Formerly known as Seattle’s longest, continually-running, weekly burlesque review (their venue closed, and thus the reign ended) Sinner Saint has now set their sights on taking over the world. In October 2014 they performed their first full length theatrical production called “Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone” at Theatre Off Jackson. Next, Inheritance will be performed on Valentines Day at the 2015 Women of Wisdom conference. (More info at

In 2011 Diva was one-third of the power trio that brought you the summer-long series of events known as the Beebo Brinker Lesbian Pulp Festival. Diva has written and performed theatrical narrative for cabarets including Beebo Brinker Pulp Cabaret at ACT Theatre, Sinner Saint Burlesque’s 2012 series, Sound and Smoke at The Can Can Cabaret, and others.

Her unique stamp on the performance landscape can be attributed to her passion for fusing theater with cabaret by moving easily between scripted lines and improv, adeptly “breaking the fourth wall” to uniquely engage the audience in a sexy journey.

Whether she’s MC’ing as a vixen with a quick tongue and a lot of innuendo, or playing a supreme mother figure full of grace and wisdom – she does so with grace, humor, stage presence and professionalism.

Diva also performs as the Germanic gender-bending lothario, Daddy Z Deviant.

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