EmpeROAR Fabulous

EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! is an award-winning Seattle based Singer-Songwriter, Boylesque Performers, Emcee, Instructor, and Event Producer. He is most well known for being “The Exposing Composer”- as he writes and sings much of the music he performs to. He has been seen on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, and has performed across Europe, and extensively in Seattle and the Northwest. He has been a panelist and teacher at BurlyCon , a National Burlesque Convention, The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition and also teaches private musical and performance lessons. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Cornish College of the Arts.

He has had the honor of working with such Burlesque luminaries as Miss Indigo Blue, The Von Foxies, Lily Verlaine, Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Jonny Porkpie, and countless other shining stars of the Cabaret world, including Legends Satan’s Angel, Joan Arline, and Isis Starr.

Festival credits include The Carolina Burlesque Festival (where he won Best Variety, The Great Boston Burlesque Expo 2011(where he won The Judges Choice Award), The Great Boston Burlesque Expo 2012, The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Seattle International Cabaret Festival, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Seattle PrideFest, and The Solo Performer Festival.

Asides from solo endeavors, when you add Holly Small and EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! together, you get “SMALL & FABULOUS!!!: An Electronic Comedy Cabaret”, a uniquely hilarious theatrical music adventure.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, but WHO is EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!?

He is the The Exposong Composer, The Singing Slinger, The Turquoise Noise Maker and Electric Blue Shimmy-Shaker, Your Raunchy and King of Queer, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!. He is the jewel you discover when you roll the rock, the Harry Winston cocktail ring you find in a thrift store, the bottle of bottom-shelf whiskey in a debutante’s Prada purse, the pop you hear when the bubble bursts.

As a songwriter, he is focused on sexual wit and campy humor that is mostly electronic pop but runs the gamut from rock to jazz and…some sounds that defy labels. As a boylesque performer, he is also focused on sexual and campy humor, but enjoys dramatic pieces, social commentary, and projections of pure lust. When you put these two elements together, you can only get one unique creation: EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, The Exposing Composer.