Holly Bordeaux

Holly  Bordeaux is the kind of woman you wish existed, but rarely find. She is  the lovely woman in the back of a theater reveling in a  showing of Woody Allen’s Manhattan, and the nonchalant gamine gracefully  perusing the French wine section, cradling each bottle she is  considering as if it were a delicate work of art. She is charming,  effortlessly beautiful, and has an undying passion for things that are  not only visually compelling, but also have artistic meaning.

Sensual,  sensitive and provocative, Holly is a true artist at her core. Growing  up trained as a classical ballerina, she has been graceful from the time  she was able to walk and expressive from the moment she was born.  Demure at first glance and striking at the second, she will draw you in  with her mastery of aerial pole, and unadulterated classical beauty.

Among  her many passions and talents is teaching aerial pole and creative  movement. Holly was trained in Las Vegas under world renewed pole  pioneer, Fawnia Detirch and Miss Pole Austrila Jamilla Deville. In 2008  Holly started her own school for pole designed around building strength,  flexibility and self awareness. Holly has become a growing recognized  name in the Seattle cabaret and arts scene. She has performed cabaret  and aerial pole throughout Seattle, Las Vegas and Alaska. Holly Bordeaux  uses her own body and mind as her muse to entice her audience and take  them on a journey across the stage. She is inspired by classic European  Hollywood icons such as the lovely Brigitte Bardot and the unforgettable  Audrey Hepburn. With her grace, beauty, and pure artistic expression,  Holly is a woman you’ll not soon forget.