Isaiah Esquire

Isaiah Esquire

Consistently delivering a jaw-dropping performance experience, ISAIAH ESQUIRE is intensely emotive, athletic, and explosive, exhibiting an impressive and unique array of disciplines. He is most known for his mastery of face, character, intricate lip-sync, and absolute connection. A seasoned dancer/instructor/choreographer/creative director and internationally acclaimed entertainer, ISAIAH has over 13 years of professional experience. From studios to classrooms, universities to international festivals, ISAIAH instructs classes ranging from Hip-Hop to Jazz, African to Ballroom, Twerking to Heel-o-graphy, and more. The one consistent aspect to any Isaiah Esquire class is the confidence and self-awareness/acceptance that he inspires in his students.

This powerhouse entertainer has been touring the country with Portland’s own gender fluid cabaret troupe, the Caravan of Glam, referred to by America’s Got Talent scouts as one of the top 10 traveling queer performance groups in the country. ISAIAH has been featured in multiple music videos (including “9inch Heels” By DJ Beyonda Doubt, “Quicksand” by Acoustic Minds, and “Put Em Up” By Priory). He has also appeared in film documentaries, magazines, websites, and even comic books.

You can catch ISAIAH and his partner, JOHNNY NURIEL, on stage and in life, headlining as their duo IZOHNNY every first Thursday for the mostly male spectacular: BOYeurism @ the Star Theater, a show created and produced by Isaiah himself.

ISAIAH continues to break down barriers of gender, sexuality, culture, and age. As a teacher he invites you to join in this movement and witness the magic as he shows you limitlessness self-expression through fearless art.