Jenni Furr

Jenni Furr, the Kitten of Purr, is a saucy minx ready to pounce. Will you be her lucky prey? This frisky feline loves to tease her audience, keeping them guessing…which side of the cat will come out to play? Sometimes cuddly, sometimes feisty, but always in control. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you, this little kitty isn’t afraid to show you her claws.

Raised by a wealthy but emotionally frigid family, Jenni found anonymity and freedom in the underground club scene in college. Curiosity definitely didn’t kill this cat. Now that she’s graduated from the Academy of Burlesque 101 and 202 programs, Jenni has expanded beyond self satisfying dance (though her pleasure always comes first) and now continues her double life as a burlesque performer blending the purr-fect balance of sultry and coy.