Violet Tendencies

A co-founder of Stripped Screw Burlesque and the sole force of Valkyrie Productions, Violet Tendencies is a classically trained ballerina cum burlesque performer. Her graceful movements and beautiful, long dancer’s legs with perfect arches and pointed toes belie the deliciously twisted sense of humor that lies just under her elegant veneer. Unpredictable and uninhibited, Violet’s burlesque performances are edgy with a touch of refinement. Performing in and around Seattle since 2008, this dark beauty is at turns morbidly dark and bubbling over with glee. She has performed at a variety of venues in the Emerald City including the JewelBox Theater, Columbia City Theater and the Triple Door as well as The Capitol Theater in Olympia and The Star Theater in Portland, OR.

Burlesque Seattle Press says, “Violet Tendencies could be a burlesque Lily Tomlin or a leading lady in a John Waters film-her face can go from housewife on the verge to lascivious vixen in seconds.”