Wednesday du Monde

Too bawdy for ballet, after 15 years at the barre, Wednesday swapped her pliés and pirouettes for pasties and peeling. Since discovering burlesque in 2011, she has performed as a solo artist, as a member of Olympia’s Own TUSH! Burlesque, in Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker and in the first annual Oregon Burlesque Festival. Imbued with a sense childlike wonder and a distinct dislike of clothing, Wednesday dances on stages across the world all while in a world of her own. Shimming away the rigidity of her prim and proper ballerina training, Wednesday thrills audiences with her eclectic imagination and joyful style. Her nomadic nature shines through her dizzying variety of acts, from lipstick to leather and from bubblegum to booze.

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