Comedy Burlesque Show

Comedy Burlesque Show

  • Location:2820 Oakes Avenue, Everett
  • Venue:The Austin Bar and Grill
  • Length:07:30 pm – 09:00 pm

So do you like to laugh? What is better than laughter? Nothing reallyexcept boobs. Now what happens when we combine a show with non-stop laughter AND boobs? And then we produce it in the middle of the bleakest month in the great northwest? Well, we get a show you don’t want to miss that’s what!

Siren and the Treasured chests presents a comedy Burlesque show full of fun, frolic and good old fashion fun and slapstick … and yes, the clothes will come off even a giant chicken!

We will be spoiling Everett this month with a double headliner showcasing the talents of two Seattle BQ queens, Randi Rascal and Boom Boom L’Roux. Our other hilarious gals of comedic glory are:

Seraphina Fiero
Solange Corbeau
Lana MilknHoney
Sabina Soubrette
Queenie O’Hart
Ruby Whiines

MC for the evening will be Huney Bush making her debut as Edie Bag O’Dix, and Pearl the pickup girl will be clearing the stage of all glitter droppings. You can find more details on these talented ladies on our performer bio page.

Come join us at the Austin Bar & Grill Sunday January 19th at 7:30PM. This is an 18+ only event due to extreme bawdiness!