Halloween Extravaganza

Halloween Extravaganza

  • Location:2820 Oakes Avenue, Everett
  • Venue:The Austin Bar and Grill
  • Length:08:00 pm – 10:00 pm

You love Halloween celebrations don’t you? Who doesn’t? Well, Siren and the Treasured Chests has been working hard to bring the city of Everett a Halloween Extravaganza! This is a special holiday show with more acts and double headliner action then ever before!

We have Everett’s own Seraphina Fiero  and the incredible Iva Handful as well as many other talented performers such as: Solange Corbeau, Olatsa Assassin, Pinky Shines, and Violet Tendencies.

You want more treats? Join the fun ad wear a costume for the show and get double the raffle tickets and a chance to win Best Costume of the Evening. Oh there will be ghosts and goblins a plenty on stage and they are all willing to show you what tricks are beneath their costumes!!!

This is going to be a popular show so get your tickets today!