Burlesque Birthday Bash – April 27th


March 28th, 2014


Join “Sirens and the Treasured Chests” naked birthday bash!

Why are we celebrating? Well it has been one year since we launched our production in the city of Everett! The show was also started in the month of April way back in the “Kirkland days” not to mention it was Siren and Pearl’s birthday recently, so of course it is time to blow up some balloons and get as naked as we can right?

You don’t want to miss this bash as every single performer for the month of April will be new to Siren’s stage! Surprises for ALL OF US!!! We can promise you a great party time with our special touch of naughtiness and utter debauchery! We will have a very special guest to “save us”….hahahaha…it’s Easter after all! 😉


Heidi Von Haught
Penelope Rose
Czech Mate
Elle de la Night
Florence Wetmore
Mandy Flame
Elemental Bellydance
Faye Doe Doe
Pearl the Pickup Girl

Hosted by Siren

Checkout our performer page for more details on this talented and sexy lineup April 27th at the Austin Bar & Grill in Everett!

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