Siren & the Treasured Chests Return!


March 20th, 2013


sexy-mermaidIt was March 4th 2010 and I found myself sitting in a cold sterile class room wearing scrubs.  Dark navy scrubs that did not fit my crotch right. Nothing did anymore…I actually had to find something that fit my crotch from now on because my divorce from stinky was about to commence…but I digress.

The professor asked all her new pupils to go throughout the room and tell us a little something about ourselves and the most exciting thing we have achieved that year. The answers coming from the students were as interesting as wall paste.  There were a lot of “visited my grandmother in Kansas, my cat had kittens” answers.  I was sitting near the end of the row listening. I had so much to say…so much I wanted to share out loud, bold and proud.

When Mrs. YXZ {later to have several nicknames} got to me I proudly retorted, “Well, I was the literary Art director for SEAF {Seattle Erotic Art Festival} I put on Everett’s first and only two Erotic art shows called “Summer’s heat”…and I am the producer of a burlesque show in Kirkland!

I sat back down. The room was silent. The instructor looked at me and sharpened her pointy laser eyes and said loud and clear as she looked at me, “You will learn in the medical profession, that it is best if we all keep our personal lives to ourselves”.  I gulped.  That was the day Mrs. YXZ ripped the glitter soul right outta my body though my nostrils. She never liked me from that moment forward and I had to work my ass off in her class. Ironically my ass grew bigger. Why was I not informed of Mrs. XYZ status as a born again christian?

And so the heartwarming story goes of Ms. Siren and her daunting trek back to the glitter world and stage.  I got a second degree and became a certified medical assistant and I built a pink business when I decided that family practice and pap smears where just not my thing. The glitter world stayed in my mind as I jumped through the hurdles of divorce, single muthahood and all that accompanies the great journey of rebuilding in your 40’s….pretty fun stuff I would have to say {insert evil sarcasm} but nothing compared to the love of the Burlesque world.  It was a matter of time before I clawed back..ahem…came back.

The Burlesque world is the only world where I have found a community of tolerance and acceptance.  It is a world where one is free to be anything you want even if that is nothing more than a giant stripping gorilla for the night {see pix} there is no rash judgment in the BQ world.  It is the peaceful world of fun and fantasy and that is why Ms. Siren came back.

Now I may no longer slither out of my gowns and jeweled brassieres, but I can bring the bevy of beauties to your dreams. You are invited to join me; Siren of the Treasured Chests and please…let me entertain you my new friends…



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